Set Fortigate 100D Dedicated Managment Interface


Set Fortigate 100D Dedicated Managment Interface

The Fortigate 100D’s dedicated management interface is not enabled by default, the following commands will enable the interface, set the default gateway and then set the IP address.

The ‘show sys dedicated-mgmt‘ will return nothing if the interface is not configured.

Enable the Dedicated Management interface
FG100D # show sys dedicated-mgmt

FG100D # config system dedicated-mgmt

FG100D (dedicated-mgmt) # set status enable

FG100D (dedicated-mgmt) # set default-gateway

FG100D (dedicated-mgmt) # set interface mgmt

FG100D (dedicated-mgmt) # end

Set the IP of the Dedicated Management Interface
FG100D # config system interface

FG100D (interface) # edit mgmt

FG100D (mgmt) # set ip

FG100D (mgmt) # end

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